Painted rock paper weghts

You will need:

  • One decently sized rock
  • Black paint (the thicker the better – I found that Apple Barrel works quite nicely)
  • Sharpie oil based paint pens (plain paint will do also but it’s a bit more difficult to work with).
  • Old newspaper

first you should cover your surface with newspaper or a drop cloth. Now to start you’re going to want to paint the rocks black and let dry for however long the instructions on your bottle say.

RB Paint

Once your rock is dry you can get decorating! Sharpie paint pens are a little bit hard to find. I got mine at Michael’s after a long search. Make sure that that they are OIL based – thankfully they say on the marker (in the pink). They look like this:

RB Pens

For the design I started with a dot and went from there. It looked like this:

RB Design

Then I just did more around it and this is what it looked looked like finished:

RB Fineshed rock

Here’s another one for inspiration!

RB 2nd rock

Thank you!


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