Painted rock paper weghts

You will need:

  • One decently sized rock
  • Black paint (the thicker the better – I found that Apple Barrel works quite nicely)
  • Sharpie oil based paint pens (plain paint will do also but it’s a bit more difficult to work with).
  • Old newspaper

first you should cover your surface with newspaper or a drop cloth. Now to start you’re going to want to paint the rocks black and let dry for however long the instructions on your bottle say.

RB Paint

Once your rock is dry you can get decorating! Sharpie paint pens are a little bit hard to find. I got mine at Michael’s after a long search. Make sure that that they are OIL based – thankfully they say on the marker (in the pink). They look like this:

RB Pens

For the design I started with a dot and went from there. It looked like this:

RB Design

Then I just did more around it and this is what it looked looked like finished:

RB Fineshed rock

Here’s another one for inspiration!

RB 2nd rock

Thank you!


A New Year’s resolution

This year my resolution is unreasonable, or maybe isn’t. I can’t really tell yet, but I do know that there is definitely going to be a learning curve.

This year my goal is to sew my own clothes. Does that sound crazy?
Ahh… well, for now I’m going to stick to it, and if I actually meet my new year’s resolution, well, that’ll be a first.


Pink Paisley Skirt

This skirt was quite the adventure and a bit out of my comfort zone. I hope that this post will be helpful and instructional to make it a little easier for you.

I made this skirt for my cousin who is 5, so if you want it smaller or larger you will have to adjust it to fit.


  • Fabric of choice for the rectangles
  • Fabric of choice for triangles
  • Rotary cutter
  • Self healing rotary cutting mat
  • Rotary ruler
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Pencil (preferably not mechanical)
  • This AWESOME blog post

These are the  pieces you will need:
Seven rectangles 13″ tall, and 5″ wide
And seven triangles 8″ tall and 3 1/2″ wide


HPSkirts - 1 Cut Out

First you’re going to cut out the rectangles which should be easy enough.

Now you’re going to cut out the triangles which is going to be a bit more difficult:

HPSkirts - 2 Mark

You’re going to want to cut out a strip of fabric 8″ tall and 12″ wide, then you’re going to mark along the bottom at 3  1/2″ in and then
3  1/2″ from that an so on. Along the top your first mark will only be half the distance in (so in this case 1  3/4″), then continue marking
every 3  1/2″ and so on.

HPSkirts - 3 Cut

Now to cut, align your rotary ruler on the marks you made in the previous step as seen above, the first triangle you cut is going to be a  lopsided so you can just throw that one into your scrap bin.

HPSkirts - 4 line up

Now that you’ve finished cutting out your pieces match up a triangle with every rectangle as shown above (good sides facing).

HPSkirts - 5 sew together

Now you’re going to sew them together.

HPSkirts - 6 sewed together

Repeat this for all seven.

HPSkirts - 7 sew to one another

Now you are going to sew THOSE to one another (when you get to the place where the triangle and the rectangle meets you’re going to have to tweak it a little). You’re going to sew all seven together into a big long strip.

HPSkirts - 8 sew to hoop

Now to sew it all together, as seen above, you’re going to want to flip it inside out  and stitch along the edge. Again you’re going to want to tweak it a little when you get to where the triangle and rectangle meet.

HPSkirts - 9 hem bottom


Now you’re going to want to hem the bottom and the top.

The bottom you can hem however you want, I did mine about 1/2″ wide. And the top I did 1/4″ and I would suggest doing it the same size or less.

HPSkirts - 11 sew elastic tube

Now you’re going to want to take the hemmed top and fold it over as wide as your elastic plus 1/4″(so in my case my elastic is 1″ wide so I made the tube 1  1/4″ wide). Be sure to sew as close to the edge of the hem as possible. Leave an opening at least 3″ long to pull the elastic through.

HPSkirts - 12 elastic puller

Now we’re going to thread the elastic into the skirt. If you have an elastic puller you can use that (otherwise use a large safety pin) to get the elastic through. You are going to have to bunch, pull, and tug until you’re through.

Now that you’ve finished threading the elastic through, measure how wide you want the skirt, then cut the elastic to size and sew the ends together. Then sew the hole shut, and you’re done.

I had lots of fun working on this project and I hope you do to,